Wills and Testaments and Funeral Provisions

As a foreigner living in Spain it is extremely important that you have made provision for your estate through a Spanish lawyer.

Inheritance law in Spain is very different from the UK and property and inheritance does not naturally pass to the surviving spouse. Neither is inheritance between spouses tax free.

Wills and testaments are not an expensive exercise and can be done quickly and cheaply through a spanish lawyer or notary. 

Not having one can cost you more than you bargained for and could tie your estate up in probate for many months and sometimes years. 

We also recommend that you put in place a good policy for taking care of funerals. Repatriating a loved one back to the UK is an expensive business whether it is for burial or transporting ashes. Licences have to obtained and various taxes paid. Documentation is also required from the embassy. 

We can recommend a number of excellent companies who offer this service to ensure that you have constant peace of mind.

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